Most businessmen have the odd suit or two which no longer see action in board  meetings or important presentations. Unsung heroes which have seen better days. It  could be because they no longer fit the little portlier business man, or perhaps the  opposite – too big – the wrong colour or stripe, or fabric.  Khaliques realized that these forgotten suits could derive some value and so the  ‘Khaliques Suit Trade-In’ campaign was conceived.  Simply, the campaign offered Khaliques customers a 30% price off offer on a brand-  new suit when trading in the old.  The campaign was launched on radio and in the press and soon the ‘trade-in’ began to  pile up, which raised the question of what to do with them? 

The ‘trade-ins’ were then given a new lease of life. They were cleaned and repaired by  the expert tailors at Khaliques and were distributed amongst various charity  organisations who eagerly snapped them up.  In 2016 Khaliques and Afrika Tikkun established a collaboration which saw the  introduction of VISION 10 000, an ambitious project which at its core has endeavored  to create opportunity for ‘graduates’ of the Afrika Tikkun system find meaningful and  permanent employment.

Two obstacles were identified as significant – firstly, the cost  of travel to and from interview opportunities and secondly, the cost of an appropriate  suit to wear to the interview.  The collaboration also saw the establishment of a ‘Retail Academy’ which combine the  practical ‘in-store’ experience, with an academic curriculum. 

This course offers first  time job seekers an insight into retail and culminate, after six months, in a certified  graduation.  Thus far 60 graduates have come through the system and have all found permanent  placement within the retail industry, not to mention the opportunities created for first  time job seekers outside of the industry. And, the suits of which over 1 000 were  collected, as a result of the most recent ‘suit trade-in’ campaign, have also been put  back to work.